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Originally Posted by Akira
Now, tell me a bit about your Amiga, if you own one, or if you plan to get one, or whatever.
I've never owned a real Amiga. I bought an Atari STE 1024 back in 1992, which I later upgraded to 4MB, and then later bought a 170MB external SCSI HDD. Finally, I had it upgraded to a 28MHz 68000 CPU, via an accelerator board. I gave the ST away around 1997 when I got my first PC, I just didn't have the room for it.

Since then, I've only ever used wintel based PCs for my game playing. So all of my Amiga knowledge comes completely through emulation. I bought an Amiga Emulation CD back in 2000, and ever since then, I've been completely hooked!

It's really nice to play many of the games I enjoyed so much on the ST. But under WinUAE, they have the effective advantage of the (emulated) Blitter and Copper chips, and the larger pallette. Although my STE had a blitter, most older STs (e.g. the STFM) did not. Therefore not that many games supported the extra hardware of the STE, it was very underused.

I really like the following Amiga games, knightmare, PP Hammer, Pinball Fantasies etc.. absolutely brilliant. You guys really had it so good back in the early nineties didn't you!

I remember the old friendly banter and sometimes (not so friendly) rivalry between Amiga and ST owners from days of yore. But, hey now those days are long gone, and we can enjoy and discover systems we wouldn't have otherwise used thanks to emulation.
Also, I only have to have the one computer to play all of my games, for all systems on it. Superb!

Nice forum this is too,
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