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Building A Better EAB

I was thinking - do we really need these restrictions on The Zone?

At the moment, if someone wants to download stuff from the Zone and doesn't want to join discussions, then they will create an account and post some simple messages until they have access. This means that a load of dummy accounts and useless messages are created.

If someone wants to download files without being a member, then I say let them! Mostly we don't own the files ourselves and have no more right to them than anyone else.

I just don't want to create some sort of 'elite' feeling to the board. It should be free to all.

What about creating a 'New To Emulation/Amiga' section of the board? There would be a special FAQ for new people here and when reading new messages it would be easy to skip these postings, safe in the knowledge that they would be the beginner's ones. I don't mind looking after that section.

The reason I mention this section for new people is we need to have a balance between avoiding spending all our time answering questions about kickstart ROMs and actually helping people who are confused. I know that many simple questions can be answered with Google or by reading the FAQs, but this often doesn't happen. Again, if we are rude to beginners, then it will create a board atmosphere which drives people away.

We should also try and steer away from some of the confrontations of recent times and try to create a friendlier board. As more and more people join, there is more chance for misunderstanding and conflict.

Perhaps it would be better to keep the number of nonsense postings down in the first place, instead of deleting them later. Some people don't have a lot of time to read loads of messages and holidays are a nightmare, because on return there are too many messages to read it all properly.

And as for Marz - give him a break guys...
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