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Let's see...

my "main" Amiga is a towered A1200/060 (Blizzard 1260@50mhz),
plus two A1200's with internal 2.5"-hdds as portable Miggys
(you don't want to bring the tower for a round of SCR, plus, some games don't work with the 060),
a CD32 for gaming pleasure in the living room,
three A500 in various configurations (for compatibility ,
an A1200 with a broken right audio cinch connector.

I sold an A600 back in '95 to gain money for my first 1200. *sniff*

Being into Commodore for quite a while, there are also a few C64 around here: two "old" ones, and two C64-II. And an Atari 1024 ST that was gathering dust in an office at the university and was about to get thrown away. That's not nice, throwing home computers in the bin! Even if it's an Atari!

I'd like to get my hands on a cheap +4, there was a strategic game I used to play (and enjoy) a lot with a neighbour in the early nineties. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the game. You had various military units (ships etc.) and the aim was to crush the enemy, obviously. But more in a strategic manner than with pure joystick action.
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