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Actually, reporting that RAM: is 100% full really isn't a bug, though it isn't particularly useful either. The capacity of the RAM: device changes dynamically as you copy data into it, so long as there is enough available ram for it to expand. So at any given point in time, it really is 100% full since the space allocated to it is completely taken up with whatever data has been copied to it. The percent full actually makes sense for RAD: though, since its size is predetermined. As for PatchRam, I'm not familiar with it, but it may be doing something as simple as calculating percent full as the ratio of the current size of RAM: vs. the total system ram. If so, it probably should also make some allowance for leaving some amount of that ram free for programs to use. Otherwise when RAM: becomes 100% full, you don't have any free ram available for any other use, and that wouldn't be very useful either.
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