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Originally Posted by thomas
The ram disk does not at all behave like a block device.
Indeed, as due to my researches, it has got its very own and independent file system!
(Logical, for as a WB 1.3 user, I obscurely remember that RAM disk was solely possible to use if L:ram-handler was installed. And a handler is a sort of driver.)

Originally Posted by thomas
Why do you insist on blocks ? Blocks are a virutal unit and might be different from device to device. E.g. CD-ROMs use 2K blocks.
Because list displays them as blocks, and not as bytes (unfortunately)
At least list 37.5 (WB 3.0) does that. With 1 file, you can read the file size off the line, but do you always want to ADD file sizes by calculator with 3 or more files? And dir (unlike MS-DOS dir) doesn't display file-sizes, either.

So blocks are a good alternative as long as you can assume they're in constant size (at least with both diskettes and [the gross of] hard drives!)
Or you have to install 3rd-party tools.
Mind you, I have never been a keen mouse-clicker. I still do most of my operations on console, as it's simply faster than clicking your way through it all. Moreover, you will ALWAYS have to change between mouse, keyboard, mouse, keyboard ...

You should look at the file size. This is the only constant value.
If possible yes.

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