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Speaking of real amigas...

Hello. I'm new to this forum but I'd like to say thank you to those who have posted very helpful information.

In keeping with me being new, I was having a hard time finding the option to start a new thread, so I'll ask my question here:

I've got an Amiga 4000, which I'm using to run the Video Toaster by Newtek (very nice video editing system), as well as a DPS TBC card (also very nice). The problem is this: I can NOT get a CD-ROM drive to work on this system at all. The hard drive got wiped (thanks to me) and I had to start from scratch, which means installing WB 3.1. Unfortunately there are no drivers for CD-ROM drives included and I'm not sure what to do next.

Also, once WB 3.1 is installed, I plan on installing WB 3.9 from the CD. But I need to get to the point where the Amiga will recognize and accept the CD-ROM drive. Is there a particular type of CD-ROM drive I should have? It may be helpful to know that I have the correct kickstart chip (2.0, I think ) installed already and system specs should be adequate.

ALSO, it may be more helpful to know that I had a CD-ROM drive installed and running on this system before. I had to take it out because it wasn't mine. I offer that up only as proof that a CD-ROM drive should work with the system.

Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks!
Sean Zicari

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