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GameBaseAMY Disaster


My house has been broken into and everythings gone. They took my computer, laptop, portable HDD and stacks of CDs and DVDs. As well as other household items. My only access to the web for now is via my work laptop (and the only reason that wasn't stolen too was because I forgot to take it out of my car like I'm meant too)

My computer had the latest working version. There were backups on my laptop and portable HDD. Older backups existed on various DVD-RWs. There are hundreds of DVDs scattered all of the floor (and house). So with luck I may be able to find an older backup. Otherwise I have lost the lot

and I was so close to releasing the next version I had finished the installer (auto detected both GameBase and WinUAE), had title shots for 95%+ of all games, had ripped music for the vast majority of games, had enetered all the year, publisher, player information and tested around 500 games.

Right now I can't think of starting over... It's just too depressing.... Maybe once all the insurance goes through and I start replacing all my stuff....

I'll update the website with this news once I get access to the right software.
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