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Thats kind of out dated by pc standards, may i suggest going with an athlon 64 or 2800 athlon. I know my old athlon 3000 was faster than 120 ppc under in mac emulation fusion(mac os 8) you will need at least 512megs to 1gig of ram. if you plan to play xp games. Harddrives are cheap now you can get a 250gig from tiger for about 100us. Get an old amiga case and mod it to a pc case. it better than letting someone trash it. 2000 or 4000 in my opinion are the best to mod because unlike the 3000 they have build in 5inch bay. You will need ati mini mother board. 3 pci max. and a old pc case. the basic idea you keep the amiga front and top every thing else would be a pc case. Graphics i would go with at least a good direct 8 card to play modern xp games. I know you stated a 1600athlon but you can get athlon 2800 for about 28us after rebate. For example if you watch what you buy and where i can build an athlon 64 3400 for about $550 can charge around $750 withstandard pc case. That with 1gig ram,120gig hd, dvd burner+- ,no floppy but 128 mem stick also no modem because most have eithernet now.Also wireless kb and mouse. this is examaple what you can do if you shop around check,, and for prices. I dont fully trust price watch stores had my credit card number stolen once from one of them. but the other 2 are good.
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