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WHD installs are only designed to work on real Amigas and if they work on real Amigas then it is the fault of the emulator if the WHD games do not work!

There is no point in writing WHD installs to work around emulator bugs which could be fixed in the next release of the emulator. It is better if the WHD patchers spend time fixing bugs in the games, removing protection, redirecting data access to the hard disk and providing better compatibility with modern Amigas.

WHDLoad is an Amiga project, not an emulator one, and as such I have no real problems with WHD games on a real Amiga. Also, I have much better emulator compatibility with WHD installs than with ADFs.

If your WHD games crash, then it is most likely problems with the emulator or you are using cracked games instead of originals.

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