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celtic legends. good strategy game. quite a few islands to win over at least 20. basically you create and manouver various platoons consisting of up to 8 characters per group. it is a fantasy game though. with various fantasy creatures making up your army.

eskel is your main guy, dont let him die or you lose the island. your objective is to kill sogrom. as stated you have various creatures that can move either one or two spaces at a time. some have magic capabilities that grow with experience.

there are castles in the game. if you hold a castle it means only you can use magic during the fight. if you are trying to storm a means you have no magic...and the keeper of the castle does have magic (if it is a creature that can use magic) so strategy is required when planning to storm castles or even defend them.

it is basically like fantasy chess. a bit like warhammer you could say.

give it a whirl and if you do, let me know what you think
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