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Lightbulb Mortal Kombat 2

Originally posted by Shatterhand

The 1st time I readed about how they did that stuff was in a feature article from The One, Andrew Braybrook was talking about how certain amazing things were done on Amiga, so he talked about Turrican, Elfmania, and indeed about the tunnel sequence of Stardust.

I have this MK2 cracked from Prestige, and it comes in 4 disks, and if you play it with a single drive (like I did), you had to change disks just to do a Fatality sometimes, and the game also didn't have music. Now every review I readed said the game had music, and it came in 3 disks...

That's something always bugged me, and now you just remembered me to ask it.. isn't this Prestige crack fucked up?
I don't suppose anyone has that article from The One or knows a site which has scanned pictures of it? I was an Amiga Format/Amiga Power and sometimes CU Amiga reader so only picked up the odd The One to flick through it. I remember seeing the Stardust tunnel explanation and wanted to read it but was booted out of the shop as it was closing. Alas I never saw it again. Any chance somebody could scan that or point me to where it is?

As for Mok/Prestige's crack of Mortal Kombat 2, it's a common problem with long track games - the original squeezes about 1 Mb onto the disk (RNC packed!) so it is impossible to spread a copyable version with the same number of disks. I have played the Prestige disk version quite a bit and never had to swap disks for the fatality, admitedly loading takes longer due to the extra disks but maybe I am lucky in the characters I choose. Other games off the top of my head which had extra disks are Mortal Kombat, lots of Psygnosis ones like SOTB 2, WWF Euro Rampage (terrible with a 3rd disk), Superfrog, Body Blows, all Readysoft games...

You can easily get around this problem by using the WHDLoad installer. And a little secret, the Prestige crack will work in the WHDLoad install and make it a lot more enjoyable (no more stupid disk swaps!) My USA supplier was actually sold the Prestige crack (minus the intro) as the original on 4 disks (and the disks do have the proper graphics on them etc - dodgy!)

As for the music being missing, I know if the original detects 2Mb of memory you get extra speech but I don't recall music being missing. If you are using an emulator, set the memory to at least 8Mb and play the WHDLoad version, you'll love it!
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