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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
You gotta be kidding, surely Mediator + Voodoo 3 or 5 is faster than BVision. I've read several test results about this. You must have something wrong with your setup, settings or old drivers etc.
what makes it so wrong ? the bvision has access to a much faster bus then the mediator can provide. the 040 just cant push the data fast enough and p96 is frankly crap compared to cgx (infact p96 relies on its cgxv3 emulation to get anything done).

Im using the latest drivers from elbox for the MMCD, and Medconfig is used to config. ppc is heavely bottlenecked by the mediator, which makes w3d games slower too. In my opinion the med is only worth concidering if you have an 060 based accelerator to push the data around at a decent speed. Its simply no fun on 040/25, the Bvision/Pcmcia and paula is a more responsive/faster system in this case . (Although pcmcia network does cause my system to freeze alot even with cc fix )
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