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Originally Posted by nujack
@Slayer: I`m afraid but it doesn`t work.
Could you give me your settings of WarpOS and CGX, please?
All other things I`ve tested. I`ve installed the latest versions of WarpOS, Warp3D, CGFX and so on. If I start an Warp3D-application, for example Wipeout2097, the program starts and after a few seconds the system hangs up. Maybe a problem with the graphiccard or memory.
But before I`ve got the ppc-accelerator I used a CyberstormMK2 without any problems. Bad.
Can tell you right away that Warp3D doesn't work with Cybervision 64/ needs at least 8meg gfx memory and CV64/3D only has 4meg
I had this problem on my A4000D with CV64/3D and tried to run Freespace..had a topic about this at
I guess you need to get a Cybervision gfx card or a mediator board with a Voodoo 3-5 gfx card if you want to use Warp3D.
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