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) that the guys from Stardust explained somewhere (I think in a scene mag) how they did the tunnel routine
The 1st time I readed about how they did that stuff was in a feature article from The One, Andrew Braybrook was talking about how certain amazing things were done on Amiga, so he talked about Turrican, Elfmania, and indeed about the tunnel sequence of Stardust.

I have this MK2 cracked from Prestige, and it comes in 4 disks, and if you play it with a single drive (like I did), you had to change disks just to do a Fatality sometimes, and the game also didn't have music. Now every review I readed said the game had music, and it came in 3 disks...

That's something always bugged me, and now you just remembered me to ask it.. isn't this Prestige crack fucked up?
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