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heh, most of that is elbox marketing crap.

mediator sucks badly for gfx. It may have more developed drivers, but the ppc card dierect bus offeres so much more speed then can be gotten over the zorro-II bus the med uses.

I have voodoo 3 and 5 connected to mediator and its no where near as fast as even the bvision. with 040 running the show a soundcard,network card is slower on med then even a pcmcia network card and paula. The mediator is not by anymeans fast and relighs on cpu power to push data around with the limited bandwidth available on the zorro-ii bus.

If i could get a grex real cheap, id be there in a flash, but atm id rarther use paula,pcmcia and bvision for best speed and usability (voodoo3 offeres no 15bit modes making amigaamp w3d plugins useless and nightlong amongst other things, and voodoo5 cant work in bigendian modes - cant play wo2097).
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