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Originally Posted by Promax
First thing:

yes this is right so, because the eagleplayer name for this format is called
"Vectordean". These player will be loaded because this playername is defined
in the playerloader from the EP v2.x !

If you wish to using the player from don adan you can modify the playerconfig file by adding in a new line the playername from don with the prefix 'RJP' .

Second thing: these are a problem, because no person know what replayer you having and using as default ... and there also the versions problem ... and if you prefer using deliplayer too.

For testing your different versions for a format use the playerloader-window and deactivate the default one and activate your second or third replayer for e.g. Richard Joseph a.k.a. VectorDean (same format) !!!

- Promax.
I know about the Playerloader, its just that you
1) have to find the actually best Player (could even have a differnt name) for each Format.
2) Avoid Conflicts with existing Codecs
3) change player.ini

If you start from scratch and have dozens of Players/Formats to go, this is timeconsuming (I actually did the work for Windows-deliplayer2 myself).

or: I just receive an finished setup in form of the EaglePlayers-Directory and the .cfg files. No Version Problem as I get a already tested setup.
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