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Hello, I can confirm that the current version of AmiStart does not successfully load using Kickstart 3.0, simply because the program checks certain resident .library files to be >= v39, yet Kickstart 3.0 reports the internal keymap.library as v37.

This bug was reported to the Amistart programmer, along with a number of other small issues (inability to change screenmodes on-the-fly, for example...), and I'm delighted to announce that a fixed Amistart executable is available. However, I am unsure if I'm allowed to redistribute it currently...

Bullduck, I hope this addresses your problems - it would appear that you are actually using Kickstart 3.0, not Kickstart 3.1. Furthermore, if you do not wish to wait for the Amistart fix, you should be able to use the old startmenu (ScreenTab) for the time-being, as chosen during the initial AIAB setup.

As for the screenshot, yes the contents of the Shell window relfect a colloquial British phrase, used to express one's satisfaction. I guess I'll have to sensor it...whoops!

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