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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
Have you read WarpOS & Warp3D guides? There are much information about the settings. Do you use ppclibemu? If not you should

@AMIGAZ: it doesn't mean one can't ask about PPC & Warp3D be it a retro-computer forum or not. Everybody should help one another with classic Amiga hardware and i'm pretty sure many Amiga users know what Warp3D is, at least i did even when i still didn't have a PPC card....
I didn't mean that you're forbidden to ask question about "high performance" amiga stuff here it's just that the chance of getting help is very slim since most people here doesn't care about anything else than OCS, ECS & AGA amigas...and some think PPC equipped amigas are crap.
So the best chance for a quick solution is to visit the more computer geek forums like, where they have more experience in high spec amigas which you don't use for retro gaming.
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