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Originally Posted by Oryp
Anyone know a reliable site for Amiga software (OS 3.9) and hardware here in the States?

I keep finding loads of systems for sales overseas, but that does me no good, as I need a NTSC, not a PAL system.

I also refuse to buy things off EBay, as they are usually way overpriced.
You might want to rethink that stance with regard to eBay, as I've found the reverse to be true. Due to scant demand for Amiga software, the number of suppliers is understandably tiny, and the few that you might find tend to ask higher prices since they know they have virtually no competition. With eBay, as long as you limit yourself to those items that have low starting bids and no reserve, then the buyer is the one setting the price - not the seller. If a buyer wants something badly enough you'll see the price get pretty steep, but you can also get some real bargains. I've managed to pick up a Mac Color Classic, an A2000 and a full Apple IIGS system (complete with drives and monitor) without even approaching $100 off of eBay, and I've picked up a lot of Amiga software too - usually for only a couple of bucks per title. It take some patience though to get what you want at a price you like, but it can often be done.
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