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Originally Posted by nujack

hopefully anybody can help.
I use a CyberstormPPC604/200 from DCE with my A4000 and a Cybervision64/3D graphiccard. With this accelerator I have problems using Warp3D. When I start an application under Warp3D and WarpOS the system hangs up and I have to reboot the machine. Only a few seconds the Warp3D application is running. But other PPC-applications, which don`t need Warp3D, are running fine.
I tried to change the settings of WarpOS, Warp3D and CGFX4.2 but without success.
Who can help me? What are the correct settings of these applications? Has anybody made the same experience?
Guess this is the wrong place for this question since this is a retro gaming forum and most people have never heard of Warp3D :0)
Have a PPC machine here myself with Warp3D installed but I
m not an expert and unfortunately I can't help you.
Please turn to or, think you'll get a quick reply there

good luck
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