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Bloodwych, I'll change the startup text right now - thanks for your suggestions.

Actually, folks often ask why I 'stopped' updating AIAB, and believe it or not, one reason was simply a lack of ideas; it got to the point where I would sit down and think 'Okay, what can I do to improve things for the next release?' At that time, I seldom received bugreports or suggestions for new features - I guess AIAB reached perfection, lol!

Then weeks and months passed, and folks began to query when a new update would be released - I always replied with a promise to upload something 'within the month'; despite not having anything new to upload! Such apathy remained for years (!), leading the community to pronounce AIAB as 'dead'. Another project called AmigaSYS came along, and everyone jumped on the 'new package' bandwagon; lauding the completeness of the installation, yet even this wasn't enough to bring me out of 'retirement' (so to speak).

Finally, Toni announced plans to push towards a v1.0 release of WinUAE; after a lenthy beta testing period a date was set, giving me a month or so to dust off the AIAB archives providing the motivation to work on an update. I hope folks appreciate the considerable improvements - even if their ignorance leads them to believe the contents of changelog.txt is just 'some libraries where updated and the OS4like icons!' (sic.).

Anyway, I'm rambling...

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