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Methanoid, thanks for that little story about your daughter, how sweet

>I'm also wondering if something with WB3.9 is also possible?

Can you be more specific? What are you suggesting?

Exoskeletor, obviously AmiStart should not crash when clicking the right mouse button; might I suggest you contact the AmigaSys developers; they're more likely to be able to help you

Bloodwych, thanks for all of your positive words - I'm glad you appreciate my efforts to construct a consistent Amiga 'look'; any monkey can download software from Aminet, have a pop at installing it on an Amiga, and release their efforts as a distribution, however I like to think my package offers an extra level of polish with software blending together rather than appearing 'bolted on'.

Scalos is really improving in recent releases, and it's no secret that without Scalos the package wouldn't look half as pretty.

>And have you found any issues with this newer Scalos? Any older issues fixed? I’d love to know!

There are some rather frustrating issues with PNG icons that I desperately hope are addressed at some point, because my workarounds (which incidentally weren't terribly easy to come up with cleanly...) can only offer so much functionality. Tooltypes in some programs do not even get interpreted; this broke a considerable amount of software initially. Unfortunately, I expect Jurgen Lachman is more than a little sick of my persistent emails, asking for features to be added etc. - he's been worrying quiet of late...

> The install procedure – it says “in a moment you will be prompted for your workbench
>ADF”, but when you hit “return to begin…” it expects the disk to be present without
>asking for it!

Yes, this is just one of the cheap and nasty idiosyncracies of my 'copy files' installation script. If you take a look, you'll see that I need a method of executing script files, however due to the legal restrictions, we do not have access to the c:execute command, so I simply tell the Amiga to read it from the disk in DF0: I cannot think of a better way to achieve this; what were you expecting?

>Virus Checker – I really think you should include VirusZ III and the latest definition
>file, or update your page and have it as an application addon.

Is a Virus Checker really necessary? Would virus programmers really feel so motivate to write a virus that execues code both on the emulated Amiga side and on the host platform? Is this even possible?

>AmiStart – I don’t think it’s compatible with Workbench 3.0 ROM/disk.

Thanks, I need to confirm this, however without access to v3.0 a Kickstart/Workbench, this may rely on someone elses testing efforts.

Regarding my modified s:startup-sequence, yes, this has always been quite heavily customised compared to the original Workbench version; the latest update tweaks things slightly, but the changes are hardly dramatic. In terms of ensuring compatibility, a heavily modified startup-seqeuence perhaps isn't a good idea, however everything seems to work well together, and software I grab from Aminet usually works first time, 'out of the box', provided library dependancies are fulfilled.

Again, thanks for your positive feedback and suggestions - take it easy,
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