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Originally Posted by jmbattle
Methanoid, glad everything worked for you, and that Kickstart 3.0 is still compatible - I had visions of having to ask users for their Workbench 3.9 CDs (readily available, and undoubtedly obtained legally...)!

I'm also pleased that you managed to get over the fact that AIAB uses folders for harddrives, rather than .hdf files - by the way, what was with the 'I unarchived the LHA file or whatever and it makes dirs all over the PC' comment? Surely you realise that compression clients extract archives to the location you specify; this shouldn't be a problem unless you choose C:\ as the destination, and even then, all AIAB archives utilise the same 'WinUAE\..' folder path!

Err Yes, this was me beingh gobsmacked that it DIDNT use a HDF and before I managed to use it and see that it STILL worked!!!

I have no probs with the package size. Still a gazillion times smaller than even W95!!!! I think I need to have a play because although gorgeous these new Amiga desktops look almost like PCs. I kinda hanker for the clunky older and classic look, you know, WB3 with MagicWB.

I'd have been pleased with an online installer too. I'm also wondering if something with WB3.9 is also possible?

In any case I suspect once I have had good play and tried to get a BBS back up I will not care too much about the WB look but I did enjoy the look of horror on my daughters face when I said to her:

ME "At last, now I have junked Windows and we are running Amiga only"

HER "But what about the Net and MS Word and .... and.... [croak] ??"

ME "Amiga can do it all. I wiped Windows. Welcome to my world"

HER (shouting) "MUM...... MUM.... Dad's gone and wiped the PC... it's all weird"

Oh the fun of it....
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