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Originally Posted by pxscroll
Hmm I vaguely remember an older competition of yours, I think I cared enough to contribute with correct answers (was it about superfrog or lotus?) but you had already abandoned the idea and later on everything related to that imaginary competition disappeared from the site not to mention that I never received a reply to my mail. I won't bother this time.
Was this the Amiga Forever competition!? My old PC died on me and I lost everything, local files relating to my website, e-mails, the lot.. I did release a statement on my website regarding this matter with an apology to people who sent in there answers.. Sometimes things like this happen.. I've had three or so competitions before and they went 100% smoothly.

Originally Posted by pxscroll
I won't bother this time.
- Well thats up to you!

At the end of the day, I'm not a business, I dont make money from WOC, its a hobby site, I do my best with the tools I have!
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