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I just install AIAB and it worked with Amistart for me with WB3.0 so it must be something else U selected? I have KS3.0 and selected Classic look with the "new" icons option. Its been SO LONG since I used an Amiga I wondered what I had.

WOW... AMAZING. Actually all credit to ALL the AIAB and Clone authors (ClassicWb, AmigaSYS etc). What I do like a LOT about AIAB is that you can have a basic setup and add modules. For me it would be even nicer if there was a MORE basic setup and options to add a gazillion separate modules at your choice.

Yes, helluva lot of work but even better. I'm gonna have to download the HD game installs and have a play. If only there was an /X BBS package to install!!!

Respect James (and Bloodwych) for these great packages
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