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Absolutely brilliant!

Once again great attention shown to detail. Much thought has obviously gone into its layout and operation which I really respect.

James this is a superb workbench and nearly tempted me to switch from my own so I canít complement it any more than that.

TRY IT OUT GUYS! James has completely overhauled it and it really is A*.

One thing I particularly like is the updated Scalos, menus, requesters and Icons. The overall look blends together SOOO well.

Iíve always shied away from using the beta Scalos versions but I may switch now Iíve seen you've successfully integrated it. Tell me, will it display PGN games icons that commonly come with WHDload games correctly? Havenít had chance to test yet.

And have you found any issues with this newer Scalos? Any older issues fixed? Iíd love to know!

Itís now firmly placed alongside my own setups and AmigaSYS on my Retrobox. Damn I love WinUAE. No need to scratch your head deciding which to use Ė have them all installed and games on a separate partition!

Iíd say AmigaSYS has the most installed with some nice themes for OS3.9 owners but AIAB is the most refined, customised and efficient. The install is only 5MB for goodness sakes! I canít comment on the ClassicWB because itís designed for lower end real Amigaís plus Iíd be bias of my own work.

A few issues that hit me James (if you do have anymore enthusiasm left to refine):
  • The install procedure Ė it says ďin a moment you will be prompted for your workbench ADFĒ, but when you hit ďreturn to beginÖĒ it expects the disk to be present without asking for it!
  • Virus Checker Ė I really think you should include VirusZ III and the latest definition file, or update your page and have it as an application addon.
  • AmiStart Ė I donít think itís compatible with Workbench 3.0 ROM/disk. All I know is when I installed using Workbench 3.1 ROM/disk, it worked fine so you may want to test and add this info to the install procedure.

You seem to have altered the startup-sequence and general layout quite a bit from the original workbench. For instance, I canít find env etc in RAM and I think youíre probably running some utility that handles this. Plus you've removed some files and folders associated with a full workbench install. Iím not sure if changes from the standard workbench affects compatibility in certain situations but I feel a little lost here and there due your different layout and startup-sequence. I think Thomas has mentioned this in the past and been a little critical. On the other hand thatís what makes AIAB so unique. Itís almost like a completely new Amiga OS and as long as it runs games and demos correctly who really cares?

Well done and thanks!
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