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Thanks, Bloodwych. I have used WinUAE for quite a bit but didn't really have any reason to bother with hard drives,hard files, Workbench etc as most of my files were ADFs and simple to use.

More recently, I've got files in LZX format and that has caused some problems.I have managed to get unarchivers for LHA, LZH and LZX files, thanks mainly to the contributers to this thread, to whom I am very grateful.

Having managed to unpack my LZX files the next problem I have is that the files are unarchived as folders for each disk.I need to convert them to ADFs and wondered if there was a program which would take the unarchived files and convert them to ADF format.I have heard of Disk2ADF and Transdisk but I think that you can only use them to read real original Amiga disks in a drive and convert them to ADF.

Part of my problem too is that it is a while since I used programs like DOpus and I'm having to re-educate myself about their functionality and at my age it's something of a challenge.
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