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Agree with Ian, a video tells about gameplay as much as a screenshot.

And, without 3rd party support, you can expect what will happen to the amchine, eh? Look at the N64. Only good games it got, are those done by Nintendo. If they don't bring teh thirdparties with their GC, the machine will be a flop.

They have them with the GBA. I mean, every damned great dev is working for the little machine, and a lot of softcos which were in the shadows, have resurged and are kicking serious ass in the little portable. Hudson is back and looks mean, and Konami seems to be back in shape, like in the good old days! Also, Cinemaware is BIG onto GBA development. And we have SEGA, what else can I ask?

Screw this Gamepube. After I get a Dreamcast, I'm buying only old consoles.
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