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I've offered loads of comments in the past, but since you guys have worked so hard I'll throw in some more.

Very impressive work! Great that you’ve given OS 3.9 owners a nice little treat too. The multi language support is brilliant and the website completes a very polished package.

The demo showing credits and a greetz list (right after installing) is a fantastic touch – very old school, wonderfully nostalgic and has that unique Amiga scene feel to it.

The eye candy and look is cool and I can see you’ve put a lot of effort into the different themes. I still feel the basic workbench engine running things could be better and attention to operational details improved. Then again, I would say that as my opinions will be highly subjective due to building the classicwb packs, which are very different in that regards.

Overall, another great release and thanks for keeping the Amiga scene alive with your contributions.
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