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Gibby: I think the joystick you are talking about is the Epyx XJ500, or the Konix Speedking, they both look the same. If you remember there was a similar one, but in blue, with red buttons, and a tad more stylish, which was the Logic3 Gamma Ray (or was it teh Sigma Ray? I forgot). I never heard of differently-colored Bugs though! I always thought they were black and only black.

The joystick Tim mentions is the Atari 7800 joystick. I have one, and it's pretty comfortable, I like it a lot. Damn smooth, as well. If you know how to use it it becomes amazing, if you don't know how to use the stick's grip, you are lost, specially with diagonals .Mine lost a button, I should get a new one.

As for connecting an old joystick to the PC, the digital/analog conversor is one way (you will have to build it, I don't think tehy sell them anymore), and the other, best way, IMO, is building a directpad pro/sneskey interface. You can find more info at this url:

Lots of replies here Hey Keph, what's the difference between a normal Competition Pro and an Euromax Competition Pro?
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