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New from Jens Schoenfeld

I exchanged a few emails with Jens about Scandoublers and FlickerFixers. Well Jens told me that he is working on one that he hopes to finish designs for etc over the summer.

It will be a ScanDoubler AND FlickerFixer.
Will be Toaster/Flyer (genlock) compatible.
He is awre Amiga users often stack mods inside their machines so it will be small and designed not to interfere with common mods.
He is aware of the heat issues (other SD/FF often run hot)

Price should be around €90-100 which sounds pretty fair for a SD/FF.

He is also working on the A600 accelerator (similar to Apollo 630 designs) that has previously been mentioned at IIRC.

Good news anyway that he is stil active and not looking to grab lots of cash from Amiga users.
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