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Guess it's because I was using DAO instead of TAO and I'll have to try that some time. Though I did burn it at minimum speed which is 4x on my burner and I shouldn't have been doubting the prowess of the Amiga's multitasking capabilities.

You must be one of the few people Frostwork who have an attitude like that towards money and you seem one of those types who likes to impress as well as doesn't see any importance in what can be gained for yourself, but for others.

I actually got in contact with one of the eBayers who were selling your compilations and his excuse was that not everyone's got broadband.

I'll check-out the WHD-load page too in a bit and I'd like to point-out that there's a torrent for CD32 audio at for just type CD32 in search, but no-one's managed to snag it. What's the point in uploading?
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