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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Yeah that's right Fisk, well the instructions part - instructions are already included with the pack AND clearly labelled on the web page with nice pics too! The install procedure no longer uses a separate install disk however. All you have to do is boot the HDF file.

Amigauser - You're close. Don't insert the workbench disk until asked to - instead add the System.HDF file to the harddrives tab, save the config and boot without a disk in any of the drives. It'll then boot the System.HDF file and you can follow the onscreen instructions.

Have a read through the instructions linked above and post again if you get stuck - I'll help out if anything isn't clear but it's silly repeating myself. I don't mind if you have any questions.

Or try out AmigaSYS or AIAB if you want.
Thanks for that, Bloodwych.Removed the Workbench disk from WinUAE and got the configuration to accept System.HDF. It booted up into what looked like a Workbench screen with the word Scalos at the top and showed three icons ( RAM disk, Chip Ram & System),but there were no on-screen instructions and it didn't ask for the workbench disk. Seems to work OK though.

Is there any way of reading ADF files into the Ram disk so that games with more than four disks can be saved as part of the configuration to avoid having to change disks all the time please?
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