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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Yeah that's right Fisk, well the instructions part - instructions are already included with the pack AND clearly labelled on the web page with nice pics too! The install procedure no longer uses a separate install disk however. All you have to do is boot the HDF file.

Amigauser - You're close. Don't insert the workbench disk until asked to - instead add the System.HDF file to the harddrives tab, save the config and boot without a disk in any of the drives. It'll then boot the System.HDF file and you can follow the onscreen instructions.

Have a read through the instructions linked above and post again if you get stuck - I'll help out if anything isn't clear but it's silly repeating myself. I don't mind if you have any questions.

Or try out AmigaSYS or AIAB if you want.
Bloodwych, any idea how I could FORMAT a CF Card on a PC for use as an Amiga hard disk (CF to IDE adaptor) and read it as a HD in Amiga? Would this be under UAE perhaps as it allows you to read real Amiga HDs??
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