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Originally Posted by fisken uno
Well, install any of the nice pre-installed workbench packages (I would recommend Bloodwych's) and it'll be as easy as clicking the icons of the archives Alternatively you can just install the LHA/LZX tool (I guess you can grab it from Aminet).
I load one of my Workbench ADFs into DF0: and I load the lzx file into DF1:. The DF1: icon just says LZX and when I double click on the icon I get the error message about not having a default tool.

Also if I have the LZX tool from Aminet where do I install it so that WinUAE can make use of it? Or do I use it separately?

Is the LZX file converted into an ADF? If not what happens and how do I get WinUAE to use what was in the LZX file please?
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