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Hi Mark,

Originally Posted by Mark Thompson
Figi, just in case you didn't know the 444 is also available through the aforementioned FTP.
Yes, I figured that out reading this thread, but I don't want to register to yet another board just to get the adress and login... started the donkey instead to get the 444.

Originally Posted by Mark Thompson
I guess the 200 one locks-up because there's more processes going-on but this one only has to think about the music.
yes, that's the reason. The 200 is a very nice compilation, but nearly unplayable on the real CD-32, because it takes AGES just to select a game. :P

Originally Posted by Mark Thompson
I reckon Frostwork should have asked for donations in the notes somewhere like through PayPal ... At the end of the day it's a job in itself so why shouldn't he benefit? Commercial quality.
I agree. Although I'm not into PayPal, I could send him sth if he provided me his bank account data in a private message... *hint*
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