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Nope, no electribe.. no evolution..

from left to right:
- PC 2.6Ghz 1.5GB memory + HardSID (2x6581 + 2x8580 SID chips)
- Renoise (full registered ofcourse)
- Sennheiser HD ?? studio headphones
- Korg MicroKorg behind keyboard
- Behringer DSP2024 FX unit below microkorg
- Yamaha AMP (who carez)
- Korg MS2000 on the right of the 19"monitor
- Novation KS-Rack below that..
- Access Virus-B
- MX1604a mixer
- Yamaha S30 masterkeyboard
- 1x Amiga1200 / 160mb
- 1x "Amiga500+" (2mb)
- 4x Amiga500 with 1mb
- Action replay, 2 extra diskdrives
- 1x extra memory which can be put into the left slot of an A500 (dunno what the name is right now).. But this one is really handy for transferring disks from / to amiga500

The next thing which is going to be placed here is an elektron machinedrum!
Can't wait till then!
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