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I posted screenshot cause videos should have been too bigger
(and that board doesn't deal with NGC, this thread is only here cause important actuality at E3)
But if you want to feel the gameplay, (and if you have one good internet connection), just download all the videos, and then judge

latest news:
Sega announced today that it plans to bring an initial 10 titles to Nintendo's next-generation GameCube console. The company's first three GameCube offerings include Phantasy Star Online Version 2, Super Monkey Ball and Virtua Striker 3 Version 2002.

"We will be a major player on GameCube," said Charles Bellfield, Sega's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, in an IGN conference call. "We have a relationship with Nintendo to deliver online content through GameCube with Phantasy Star Online as the first example. We'll be looking to extend our expertise with Nintendo GameCube in the online world."
Nintendo released a GameCube software index to the press today at E3, and there were several surprises. The list has been copied below:

- 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
- All-Star Baseball 2002
- All-Star Baseball 2003
- Animal Forest
- Batman
- Crazy Taxi
- Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
- Diddy (Donkey) Kong Racing
- Donald Duck
- Eternal Darkness
- Extreme G3
- Hot Wheels
- Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
- Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
- Kameo: Elements of Power
- Largo Winch
- Legend of Zelda
- Legends of Wrestling
- Luigi's Mansion
- Madden NFL 2002
- Mario Kart
- Metroid Prime
- Mickey
- Monkey Ball
- NBA Courtside 2002
- NFL Blitz 2002
- NFL Quarterback Club 2002
- NFL Hitz 2002
- Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
- Pikmin
- Rally Simulation
- Raven Blade
- Rayman Tribe
- Rogue Spear
- Rugrats
- Scooby-Doo
- Spider-Man Movie
- SSX Extreme
- Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2
- STARFOX Adventures: Dinosaur Planet
- Super Smash Brothers Melee
- Tarzan
- Tetris Worlds
- The Powerpuff Girls
- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
- Turok Evolution
- Waverace Blue Storm
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