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Originally Posted by keropi
From my experience, the BEST system for classic amiga games would be:
1. register WHDLOAD
2. get OS 3.9
3. get a PowerFlyer
4. get a phase5 1260/50 and 16+ MB of RAM
5. get an internal scandoubler/flicker fixer
6. get a tower
7. get a zorroII busboard
8. get a zorroII gfx board, with an autoswitch , like the picassoII/II+ or the great Piccolo SD64
Unneeded overkill IMO.

For classic games, ALL YOU NEED IS THIS:

Amiga 1200, with 3.0 ROMs running Workbench 3.0.
030@50Mhz accelerator, loaded with 32 MB of RAM.
a 4GB HD, instaleld with sfs if possible, for filesystem reliability.

Optional: 4 way buffered IDE interface to connect an external CD ROM drive. Also a PCMCIA card for easy transferring of files with a PC or any other computer. Scando is good too.

I don't see any of those other costy peripherals serving any good to classic amiga games playing. The system I described is almost like mine and it works SUPERBLY with anything I chuck on it. For the rest I have my PC.
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