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It seems like there is actually some interest in AMIX.

I *really* hope I find some time to do some serious investigation. I did already
have a look at the MMU patch, but it's for an older version of UAE. What's more,
three stock versions of UAE I downloaded didn't even compile, including the current
devel version. Well otherwise it wouldn't be fun I suppose ;-)

Anyway, regarding the MMU: true, the 030 *is* more complicated, and it could
well be AMIX it taking advantage of this. From what I remember when I actively
portet Unices across 68k boxes, one nifty feature of the 030 was the Early
Termination that was useful to cut short the translation table for large 1:1 mappings.
The 040 dropped this. ET would occasionally save huge amounts of page table
memory, and memory was scarce when AMIX was current.

Will keep you posted. Anyone knowledgable on the matter willing to give a hand is
warmly welcome to speek up!

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