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It's not a ROM issue - a while back over at there was a discussion about AMIX, with someone stating that they successfully ran it with 3.1 ROMs, so you shouldn't need the hardware 1.4 ROMs from the SuperKick A3000.

Originally Posted by Failure @
It might be useful to note that AMIX doesn't depend on ROM 1.4, but works fine even on 3.1 ROMs. Not that I'm trying to say getting 1.4 working in WinUAE is pointless, just that it isn't necessary for AMIX.
Also, I'm pretty sure that the only difference between the A3000 and A3000UX was the badge and the software bundled - I bought my A3000 secondhand, and it had 2.0 ROMs and WB 2.1 installed, and the case has a custom paint job, including the badge, so I don't know what it says. However, it had this sticker on the back: "A3000UX (B) NTSC 4MB RAM/ 100MB DISK" (the sticker fell off but I keep it in a drawer).
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