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No it didn't find a virus when I powered up normally. Only when kicking up with the relokick disk. I just tried replacing the relokick rom file with the full one used in emulation again, and then no viruses were detected.

But I think it might be because the relokick rom might be better at finding viruses. It somehow seems there's a primitive virusguard in the image. Back before I found a replacement for Hudson hawk I kicked up using relokick and a red box much like the guru box just larger appeared with a lot of code in it telling me this might be something from a virus. It never did that with my A500 while I still had the monitor.

When just plain booting up on the disk it doesn't show any viruses.

I'm just plain confused.

I just tried loading up workbench and running a couple of things and then using the Amiga-Amiga-CTRL combination to reboot and then have the disk in the drive which would mean that if there were a virus it should find it, which it didn't.
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