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Spreading Frostwork CD's

So i think i can't do more than publishing direct links from my website here to help people to download it for free
I also share this CD on Emule just search for CD32-888......

My website has a very very fast bandwith and the download rate is just reduce by your connection

So i think i can't do more

If some people want to buy it on Ebay, there is a problem!!!!!

Frostwork don't have been paid for the works he made so why people selling this gem should be paid????????
For Burning The ISO file??????
Let me laugh

Again, i give you links for the ISO file in 12 parts and download it and share it the most as possible

I think FrostWork like the way i'm sharing his work so do so.....


There are also many FTP which share those CD ( like KombatSanta's FTP for example, thanks for him) and with a bit of search, everyone could easily find a way to download those CD's for free.

I'm about to do a Demos & Games compilations like the Frosty's one
I think it will be finish within 2 month (i don't have much time and it take a lot of time )
It include ALL the whdload Demos wich run on a standard CD32 and some games i like and adventure games (some in french version) and i don't want want to be disturb by Ebay problems...........

So the best way is to share.................

Thanks for all who help spreading

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