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Originally Posted by Rich M
I have just bought an A1200 with 1,4GB Hard Disk That's already customised to my specs which includes loads of PD games, apps and drivers.

I want to take precautional measures that is to clone the hard disk so that in case of any hardware defect i can pretty much immediately put in the second hdd having the same contents as the original.

how do I go about doing this cloning process? does it work using PC style cloning or any steps necessary be done for amiga hdd format?


I suggest you another way, imo the safer:

Unplug the hd, then mount it in a pc.

Make an image of the filesystem, with for example linux dd ( you can use a live cd like knoppix in order to do so ), or [ should work ] norton ghost.

This way you'll preserve everything [ file permissions included ], and if you need to come back to the point it will take few minutes and no stress at all.

For a friend of mine i have done this way with a Windows XP image, loosing ~5 gb of disk space. After a pair of months, Xp took over.

In only 10 minutes it worked like a newly installed one.

If it takes too much space you can always compress it and put it on a cdr ( maybe 800 / 900 mb if they are reliable ).
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