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- Games, that you can only beat with luck...and nothing else.. Call of Duty comes to mind (in the upper difficulty levels). Just run across a field it goes "bang!" you're dead. No enemies there, that's just...I don't know..."cinematic gunfire", or what... Load you savegame, retry, "bang!", dead. Reload again: dead. Again: dead. Again: dead. Reload again, take the very same route. Victory!

- Games that are too complicated (for me). I don't play that much. And I'm not really interested in playing games, I have to learn a complicated keyboard layout for, to be able to play it properly - this made me stop playing "Operation Flashpoint". I always forgot which button I needed for something.
This is the reason why I'm playing more and more on consoles. But they seem to be in the need of more complicated stuff too. If I have a look at those controllers (X-Box and Gamecube and such...started with Dreamcast) I always expect them to go *swooosshhh* *fold-fold-screw-fold* "Hello there, my name is Optimus Prime."

- People who judge the quality of a game based on facts like: "How many shaders does it use", "How many polygons are the models made of", "Does it support 16x antialiasing",..... This makes me mourn for my SNES...WHY DID I SELL IT?!? I WANT IT BAAAACKK!!!
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