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Red & Blacks, The Bug & Steering Wheels

I have owned such a joystick which you must hold in your hands. The firebutton(s) are on the left and right side and the stick is on top. I think it was the Atari Joystick that came with those ancient Atari 2600 consoles. -Horrible to use. If you wanted to move the stick in a diagonal direction you really had to clamp the stick in your hand.

The whole area of joystick names is unknown to me but I definitely know the Bug-joystick. With its green colours and strange design it is not a joystick one can easily forget.
I prefer simple joysticks with at most two buttons. The Arcade-Joystick I currently own suits my purposes perfectly.

Yes, I have some wrist problems, but only when I use a computer intensively. Finishing games in one go without a pause is history for me but I am glad I can still finish games like Yo! Joe! after all those years.

I never have used a Gamepad nor have tried a PC-joystick but this can change in the near future. There is one device however I will never use in my whole life: a Steering Wheel for PC. This is the most pathetic invention since the Atari joystick.
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