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I could have sworn it was plain file ISO though technically I suppose it's still an image, but harder to burn and I guess my download didn't go well for me to get a corruption on one of the files extracted.

I must say your FTP is great with a good quality selection of ISOs KombatSanta and if you know where I can get Insight: The Living Body then I'd be hugely grateful. Like Echostryker I had only been thinking about getting a CD32 until lately and obtained a spanky new one last year. Echostryker should get one from eBay as mine came in immaculate condition boxed in Spectacular Voyage.

Where do you live narud17? If you live in the UK then I'd be happy to send you a copy FREE OF CHARGE of course. Steer clear of eBay when it comes to this as how lousy it seems type CD32 in search on there and you'll find CD32 444 compilation going for sale on there for about a tenner. If anyone's to be making any money out of this it's the genius who put it together and it makes me frown.
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