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Freeware Retro Remakes

There are many old school classics that have made for the PC, some are very good such as Head Over Heels and T4 Funeral (a Turrican remake).

What do you think are the best freeware remakes?
What classic games should be remade?
Or should they all be left alone in there original glory?

For me the best remake is Head Over Heels. Its one of the best free downloads you can get your mits on. You can find it and many other remakes here:

Some other games on the site worth checking out are Highway Patrol (a remake of SpyHunter), Jetpak - Solar Crisis and Cybernoid 2.

For those intersted in T4 Funeral go here:

There are few Amiga remakes doing the rounds for Turrican and The Great Giana Sisters. I would like to see more. A freeware remake of Battle Squadron would be nice or Wizball (though remebered more fondly by C64 owners than Amiga owners).

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