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The CD32 was crap.

Just didn't do anything to persuade anyone with half a brain to purchase it.

It wasn't much more than an A1200 with a CD drive (without the keyboard).

The Megadrive and Snes hadn't been out long enough for their owners to invest in another machine.

Much better games (and a lot of them) were available on Megadrive and Snes anyway.

Made the 3DO look good and the 3DO failed - what chance did the CD32 have?

Nintendo and Sega just had more financial muscle and quality in-house game designers that made 'killer apps' (I hate that term and wish to banish the originator of it to Room 101) such as Mario and Sonic games amongst many others.

Commodore struggled to do anything right after the A500/600.

The CD32 was crap.

I apologise to anyone who has fond memories of the machine, although I pity those who bought one.
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