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Post Will find the spec sheet

Hi back again, I will go up into loft at weekend and try to sort the paper work out, the 1200 is mounted sideways on in a high tower on one side allowing access to all connections and the pc board is mounted on the other side, its been a long time since I have been on it, and I can remember some things about it, I suppose it looks like an ordinary pc tower, with two floppy drives and the cd rom/writer. One of the floppy drives was a amiga replacement and the other was for hd pc disks. It used to have 2 keyboards connected, again one for the amiga and one for the pc, until a conflict was rectified and it then used just one keyboard. The amiga workbench would fire up in the back ground and the pc would cut in and then you could "switch" between amiga and win95 by either clicking on an icon at the bottom of the screen or by using two keys as a short cut. There was what I thought as, a rather special mode where I could select a screen with the amiga icons to appear on the win95 screen. I could access the amiga hard drive (not very big by todays standards) via the amiga side, access the pc hard drive via the pc, and access the "share" hard drive from both sides.
I seem to remember it had a squirrel interface, and therefore the cd rom/writer was scsi, I had an external modem as it was completely packed out in the tower! I am sure also the amiga had an accelerator in it, but again by todays standards it would be slow.
I used to do virtually everything via directory opus as I recall...... those were the days.. I will try and get the spec sheet that the guy who built it left me

I am approx 10 miles from Bath

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